Summary on three online papers with stories on the economic freedom fighters

Mail and Guardian.

The writer of this story, emphasis that, the president Jacob Zuma displayed some unacceptable behaviour during chaos in parliament, when EFF MPs were escorted out.

The whole intension of this article is to let the public to know how the president behaved as disruption continued in parliament laughing as if he was impressed by Mbete’s decision as if they were missing something.

The writer feeling shows exactly what the president behaved like anybody like when the higher education minister blade Nzimande said we had to them who is in charge if is not the presented who behaved in inappropriate way and also the minister.

Tone, ANC it is breakdown of the constitution and president Zuma is presiding over it. EFF was forcibly removed; the DA decides to walk out in protest against armed security personnel entering the house.

Style, the writer started with what public consider very important, is Zuma behaviour towards EFF MPs who refused to sit down, and the chaos at the states of the nation address very entertaining.

The emotions in this story are that the readers are pushed to be bias according to their political parties EFF and ANC are going to fight toward what had happened in the parliament.

Imagery, the story gives the reader picture that leader sometime they behave like normal human being without title.


The writer of this story emphasis that, Julius Malema prepares for a showdown with president Jocob zuma, when parliament re-opens next month cracks are beginning to emerge with ranks of the EFF.

The whole intension of this article was to embarrass Zuma in parliament by taking about pay back the money and the campaign which is aimed at forcing Zuma to commit to paying back a used  R246 million used by the state for security upgrades.

The writer feelings shows that public are not going to be happy to see news about the money of the nation which was been used. There is a feeling that there are many other issues the EFF should be pursuing than in kandla.

Tone, top parliament officials are having sleepless nights trying to figure out legal methods to over chaos on the day.

Style, the writer said national assembly secretary, national council of provinces they will be relying heavily on previous converts and practices to ensure the smooth delivery of Zuma states of the nation address.

The emotions of this story is that Zuma been advised that the dates for quarterly question and answers sessions for 2015 be announced before the address in the hope of silencing the EFF.

The star

The writer of this story emphasis that president Jacob Zuma believes that the EFF deliberately disrupted the states of the nation to make a political statement.

The whole intension of this article was to deliberately disrupt proceeding for political reason, as all parties will have an opportunity to raise issues during the debate and to ask question on the 11 of March.

The writer has shown the feelings that discussion was taken for matters of national assembly importance of rules of engagement to the parliament.

Tone, the writer is showing that around 25 journalists launched a protest in the press gallery of the nation assembly because they did not have cell phone reception to file their story.

Style, the writer is showing that president Zuma knew about signal jamming ahead of state of the nation address.

The emotion in this story is that the readers are pushed to think about the future of the nation if the parliamentarians are behaving like that.


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