Heavily Police presence brings overnight calm in Lithabaneng.

Maseru- There was no serious reports of overnight clashes or looting after a very high number of police officers were deployed to Lithabaneng.

The deployment came after police confirmed that looting of foreign-owned shops was also taking place in Ha matala.

Police commissioner Masopha Masopha called on those involved in criminal activity to stop immediately and respect the law.

Four people, including the youth, have been killed and 10 others arrested.

It is alleged that the teen robbed a foreign-owned shop, but was shot and killed by its owner.
The Somali man has since been arrested for the shooting and his case has been postponed.

On the 7 Friday, violent clashes broke out in several parts of Lithabaneng with police firing rubber bullets trying to control the crowd.

Foreign-owned shops have been vandalized and looted by large crowds of people while police struggled to instill law and order.

Masopha says the police will take the necessary strong action to bring the violence to an end.

“We’re quite disturbed by these particular activities and we’re currently observing a number of these activities as and when they happen. We’re calling on our people to observe and respect the law.”
Commissioner of police has condemned the violence, but said all criminals would be dealt with.

At the same time, the commissioner said eight foreigners were found in possession of illegal firearms.

“We have also found ourselves in a situation where we found shop owners using illegal firearms to attack those that are looting.”

She also confirmed that a police officer is now facing a disciplinary hearing after a video showing him participating in the looting went viral.

Police Commissioner Masopha says he wants looting in Lithabaneng to completely stop and has vowed to take action against any police officer involved in the crimes.


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